Eight Auburn Day Hab participants celebrate completion of self-advocacy program

Heather Rafferty is a singer and a dancer. She loves cats and music. And she knows what she wants in life – a home and a family of her own.

Today, her dreams are one step closer to reality, thanks to SANYS-U. The six-week course, led by the Self-Advocacy Association of New York State, helps people with disabilities advocate on their own behalf. Participants learn more about their rights as well as the legislation and issues that affect their lives.

The class was organized by Unity House’s day habilitation program in Auburn. Heather and seven other members of the program celebrated this week with a SANYS-U graduation ceremony at the Carriage House Theater in Auburn.

“This course helps people we support find their voice,” said James Beaumont, Unity House’s assistant director of day services. “It also helps them use their voices together to help each other and to help all people with disabilities. The more voices, the more powerful they are.”

Congratulations to Auburn day hab graduates of SANYS-U:

  • Amy Bean
  • Natasha Calderon
  • Danny Emms
  • Carl Gibbs
  • Kathy Hamlin
  • Shawn Laury
  • Heather Rafferty
  • Kelly Smith

This spring, Unity House will organize a A SANYS-U class for members of our day hab program in Ithaca.