Register Now: For the Next Generation

No matter how healthy we are today, we won’t live forever. Which means that we won’t always be here to make decisions about how to use the money and other possessions we’ve accumulated over our lives – our estates.

We could just let a probate courts decide what to do with our estates, but we’re smarter than that. And we care. We want our values to live on after our deaths. By making an estate plan, we’re making the decision to protect what we value most–our family, our friends, our community.

About two thirds of adults do NOT have a will, and a will is just the bare minimum when it comes to estate planning.

We’re hosting this event because we want to keep our community strong.

Unity House recently formed a planned giving advisory council. They are a resource to our supporters who want to leave some portion of their estates to Unity House. They are such a tremendous resource that we feel compelled to share their expertise with the entire community.

Our three Q&A panelists are part of our planned giving advisory council. Each of them will be present to help you take concrete steps toward making your estate plan.

Imagine a future in which everybody in this community makes an estate plan, and as they do, each of them dedicates just 5% of their estates to their favorite local charities. Your 5% might be small or large, depending on the size of your estate, but together, we have the power to make transformational change for this community. It’s wealth that was nurtured by this community, and it’s getting reinvested to make sure this community remains strong for future generations.

There’s nothing more optimistic than investing in our community’s future.