Meet Cliff

PROS participant Cliff

My name is Clifford. You can call me Cliff.

I’m a tattoo enthusiast, a music lover, and a cat dad.

I suffer from borderline personality disorder, major depressive disorder and PTSD.

Since coming to PROS, I have learned to realize that I am more than just my diagnosis. With the help of PROS, I am learning to like myself and the people around me. I am working on ridding myself of most of my misanthropic ideals and anger as a whole.

Cliff hugs local author and philanthropist Elaine Meyers, who recently taught a writing class at the PROSperity program.

I was a pretty angry kid growing up. When I was in grade school, I used to punch my locker so many times that the custodial staff had to fix it. I was just so mad all of the time and couldn’t understand why.

That being said, PROS staff, present and former, have truly saved my life. They helped me get through the roughest points of my life, such as my mother’s passing in 2020 due to alcoholism. I’ve also found ways to express myself so that I can avoid self-harming.

Some of my favorite classes I’ve taken here have been Music for Recovery, Grief and Loss and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

DBT was designed to help people increase their mental and emotional regulation. We learn about the triggers that lead us to overreact and learn to view mental health professionals as allies as opposed to adversaries.

I’m grateful for meeting all of my new friends. I recommend PROS to everybody who is suffering in silence. I used to feel a sense of shame and embarrassment. I didn’t know how to talk about my diagnoses. PROS helped me with all of that.

PROS helped me change as a person, and I believe they can help you, too.