PROS participants create newsletter, close out Fall 2023 semester

AUBURN — As part of PROSperity Services’ (PROS) fall offering of classes, Unity House Multimedia & Development Coordinator Nicole Hube led participants in creating a fall-themed informational newsletter as part of a communications and marketing strategy class titled The Art of Storytelling.

To read the newsletter, click here:

Participants learned about the basics of pagination and layout in Canva, basic branding strategy and the nuances that exist in writing for an external audience versus an internal audience. Classmates also learned how to properly gather information for a story, the importance of backing up information with creditable sources and how to practice listening skills during a client interview process.

Class members were encouraged to share their stories in written, verbal or other artistic forms to showcase their mental health journey. Personal testimonials from PROS participants Brad (Bruce) and Cliff found their way into the semester’s newsletter. After a round of design input, participants then revised and copy-edited their own work to create a finished product.

“We started with just three individuals on our first day of classes, and then interest spread by word of mouth and flyers up around the facility. Before I knew it, we had about a dozen folks for our last session,” Hube said. “This was a great, receptive group. They learned to balance each other’s input and ideas appropriately and we had contributions from many that helped make this newsletter class feel very well-rounded.”

Friday, October 27 marks the last day of the fall 2023 semester of PROS. Unity House would like to congratulate all program participants on their hard work in improving and acknowledging their mental health diagnoses.

Unity House’s PROSperity Services is a comprehensive recovery-oriented outpatient program for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. The goal of the program is to integrate treatment, support and rehabilitation in a manner that facilitates the individual’s recovery. Goals for individuals in the program are to: improve functioning, reduce inpatient utilization, reduce emergency services, reduce contact with the criminal justice system, increase employment, attain higher levels of education and secure preferred housing. There are four “service components” in the program: Community Rehabilitation and Support (CRS), Intensive Rehabilitation (IR), Ongoing Rehabilitation and Support (ORS) and Clinical Treatment.

Unity House provides transitional and permanent housing, rehabilitative, respite, and employment services for adults with mental illnesses, developmental disabilities, and/or chemical dependencies from which they are recovering. The agency serves more than 700 individuals a day in six central New York counties. Unity House offers supports and services in an inclusive, person-centered environment to people in recovery, coping with a mental illness, and/or diagnosed with a developmental disability.